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A None Profit Company that focus on protecting our biodiversity on tablemountain national parks including safe community hikes, Cleaning the environment and community charity’s

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Raise Fund to assist in Growing our Reach

Donations would be appreciated and utilized for the following:
Cleaning & building material.
Radio communication.
Food parcels.
Various other initiatives.
Additional funding allows for #TBOM’s growth in the following aspects:
Hosting more safe hikes and patrols, providing more eyes in the mountains
Mountain clean-ups can be done on a larger scale including environmental education for the youth.
Path maintenance.
Feeding programs underprivileged communities.
Hosting educational outreach programs.

Raised: R6643.86
Goal: R100 000.00

No One Has Ever Become Poor
By Giving


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Happy People Says

Lauren Tuck

“Thank you for such a well-organised event this morning. You guys do amazing work”

Jean Dixon

“This group gave me hope of enjoying the mountain again and I love being able to walk with my own thoughts and also wonderful patient people to engage with.”

Russel Ashley Changuin

“Since I started hiking walking with this group I’ve found and met loads of people.but what I enjoyed so far is the places I’ve not seen since my childhood as a boy scout and this has brought back so “

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